Window Replacement Contractor on Cape Cod MA

Harvey has recognized our commitment to quality products, professional installations and outstanding customer service by certifying Baker & Associates, Inc as a Harvey Elite Dealer.

Many replacement window companies install Harvey windows but only a few, like Baker & Associates, Inc, have earned the designation of Harvey Elite Dealer.  Because our company is held to the highest standards of quality and service, Harvey provides us with exclusive product upgrades and warranties for our customers – offering you even more value and peace of mind.

By choosing a Harvey Elite Dealer like Baker & Associates, you’re choosing a uniquely qualified contractor who is: 

  • properly qualified
  • Lead mitigation (RRP) and InstallationMaster certified
  • annually installing hundreds of windows
  • committed to ongoing Harvey product and installation training, including annual product seminars

Harvey Elite Series windows are peak performance windows that increase comfort and save money.  Harvey Elite Series windows are made to exceed ENERGY STAR requirements with a U-Factor of 0.18 or better and are built to last.Harvey-Glazing-Diagram-215x300

  • The Panes: Triple glazing offers the maximum efficiency available, as additional air pockets have better insulating properties and create a better sound barrier.
  • The Gas: Krypton provides the ultimate insulator  for thermal performance. It is a colorless, odorless, inert gas that augments our 3x glazing system.
  • The Glass: Three surfaces of Low-E coating enhance thermal performance by leveraging the angle of the sun’s rays to retain heat in the winter months and prevent heat gain in the summer.
  • The Spacers: Our warm edge glazing system utilizes two spacers, which when heated and fused to the glass, creates a durable seal.